IRF Certification Workshop

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On an IRF Certification Workshop where many experienced river people gathers You can easily and quickly get certified without participating to a long and expensive course. Nothing to risk, You get assessed and get the certificate according to Your level.


The Program of the IRF Certification Workshop is the following:


1. day - Guide assessments

               consists of  - guiding: manoevering a raft, briefing clients

                                - basic rescue techniques: swimming, throwbagging and

                                                                       making a Z-drag.

                                - flipp drill: flipping and reflipping any kind of raft

                                - written test

2. day - Trip Leader assessments

               consists of  - Solving a rescue scenario (any emergency you can

                                   imagine on the river)

3. day - Instructor assessments

               consists of  - Making a lesson (land based)


If You do not have any previouse IRF certification you can get to the Instructor level if You pass all 3 days of assessment but You need to have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to achieve that. If You have a previouse and valid certificate You can go from there on. Check the Award Scheme (AS) for the different types, levels and classes of certifications.


In order to make your guide award current you must provide to your Instructor with the following

  1. A current Red Cross first aid certificate (FAC) or equivalent with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). (Less than 3 years old).
  2. Log book recording each run, signed by the Trip Leader or Operations Manager of the company.
  3. IRF Award Fee –assessment fee -


Guide and Safety Crafter                     60.-Euro

Trip Leader                                         90.-Euro

Instructor                                          150.-Euro


Guide, Safety Crafter and Trip Leader Renewal costs after 2 years US$25 plus US$25 if you require a card issued by the IRF. Instructor renewal is for free if the criterias of the AS are fulfilled, otherwise recertification is necessary.


Workshop fee

Please note there is usually an additional Workshop fee You need to pay to the organizer. This varries depending on the location and the organizer's costs.


You can Organize an IRF Workshop by inviting a current IRF Assessor, see details.