Organize an IRF GT&E Event

The next points are showing You how to organise an IRF Training or Workshop.

- Get in touch with and Instructor (for the training) or Assessor (for the workshop)

                    click on the link Order an Instructor.

- You as a host need to provide rafts, transport, seminar room during the event.

- You need to cover all costs of the workshop, including travel-accomodation-meal and a daily fee of 300Eur for the Instructor. (There is always an extra day charge of location check and planning)

- After discussing the details with the Instructor You put together an information sheet about the event: date, location, program, costs - and send it to your instructor.

- With this information sheet IRF and yourself will advertise the course to get more participants.

(In case of in-house training or assessment the event does not need to be open for outsiders but You still need to send the information sheet.)

IRF Certification Workshop, Dranse 2008
IRF Certification Workshop, Dranse 2008