Inline-raft Guide Certification

Gather minimum 5 participants for the event an invite an instructor . Organize your own Workshops and Courses.

This Certification was created for guides guiding Inline-raft trips which includes:

- Outsiders

- Duckies

- Inflatable kayaks

- Miniraft (inline seated)

- inflatable canoes

(see full definition in the Award Scheme below)


IRF Inline-Raft Award Scheme
IRF Inline-Raft AS4.1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 117.1 KB

Check the "Downloads for IRF courses"to see the training program and the river signals.


IRF Inline-Raft Guide Assessment include:

-       - Basic Rescue Techniques i.e. A challenging swim, throw bag rescue / recoil rescue, Inline-Raft flip drill, any functional 3:1 or 4:1 mechanical advantage system built from there own gear within 5 minutes including anchors on both ends.

-       - Inline-Raft handling

     - Safety brief

- Multichoice theory test