Raft guide Certificate

Gather minimum 5 participants for the event an invite an instructor . Organize your own Workshops and Courses.


   Trainee Raft Guide

   Raft Guide 2                   Raft Guide 3                    Raft Guide 4

   Trip Leader 2                  Trip Leader 3                   Trip Leader 4

                                        Instructor 3                     Instructor 4

Are the certifications You can get from the IRF as a professional raft guide.

Check the document below for further details.

IRF Raft Award Scheme
IRF Raft AS4.1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 119.2 KB

Check the "Downloads for IRF courses" to see the training program and the river signals.


IRF Raft Guide Assessment include:

-       - Basic Rescue Techniques i.e. A challenging swim, throw bag rescue / recoil rescue, Raft flip drill, any functional 3:1 or 4:1 mechanical advantage system built from there own gear within 5 minutes incl. anchors on both ends.

-       - Rafting Techniques

     - Safety brief

     - Multichoice theory test