Safety Crafter certifications

Gather minimum 5 participants for the event an invite an instructor . Organize your own Workshops and Courses.

This Certification was created for safety crafters operating on rafting trip.

The safety craft can be:

- Kayak

- Oar Raft

- cataraft

- Canoe

- sledge, riverboard, hydrospeed

(see full definition in the Award Scheme below)

IRF Safety Craft Award Scheme
IRF Safety Craft AS4.1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 108.1 KB

Check the "Downloads for IRF courses"to see the training program and the river signals.



IRF Safety Craft Assessment include:

-       - Basic Rescue Techniques i.e. A challenging swim, throw bag rescue / recoil rescue, 2 side roles for kayakers and flip drill for oars, any functional 3:1 or 4:1 mechanical advantage system built from there own gear within 5 minutes including anchors on both ends.

-       - Safety Craft Handling Techniques

-       - Swimmer rescue Techniques (conscious, unconscious, panic)

-       - Equipment Rescue Techniques (raft, kayak, paddle)